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Choosing the Best CBD Method

Curious about using CBD and seeking more information? You’re in good company!  Since we opened Thumb Coast CBD in January of 2020,  our family has served thousands of happy customers who were seeking an alternative product to meet their physical, mental and daily needs. .

You’ve decided to try CBD … now what?
Since you’ve taken that seemingly difficult step, you’re probably wondering what your options are for starting a CBD regimen!

There are 3 Main Ways to Ingest CBD:  Edible Tincture Oil Smoke or Vape

Each method offers unique features. We’ll review the basics of each below:  Smoking and Vaping – This method allows for quick entry into the system through the lungs. The CBD will begin working in 1-3 minutes.  Worth noting, smoking has a very pungent aroma and smells like marijuana.  The effects of CBD when used this way lasts for 45 to 60 minutes.  Vaping is recommended over smoking but both offer near immediate relief, for a short time span.   This method is great for managing anxiety.  Tincture Oil – Tincture oils are recommended as a long-term solution to a chronic condition. We recommend taking tincture daily 1 to 3 times a day.   One of the goals of taking tincture oil is to saturate your system with CBD so it can create a consistent level of benefit.   This is often referred to as “homeostasis” or a state of balance among all body systems.  Once homeostasis is achieved,  the body’s systems are working optimally which allows you to feel better! This method is great for managing inflammatory conditions, sleep struggles, anxiety, and mental clarity. Edibles – Often thought of as gummies but edibles come in other forms too!  Cookies, Brownies, and capsules are other types of edibles.   Gummies are popular because you can use them on a situational basis.  Gummies can be used to manage pain, sleep, and many other issues.   The cool thing about gummies is that the effects last for 8 or more hours!  They take about an hour to take effect. Gummies are great for pain management, sleep management, anxiety relief, and improving mental focus.

What’s right for you:
It is important to analyze your condition and determine the best method. You may experience some trial and error.  At Thumb Coast CBD, we can help with making the best decision to achieve the benefits you’re looking for.  We offer free consultations and provide great guidance to help determine what dosage to start with and which method would be most beneficial.  Come visit us at one of our stores and let us help you find the relief that you have been seeking.