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4 Questions to Ask When Purchasing Sleepytime Gummies

Having trouble falling asleep? You’re not alone. 70% of American adults don’t get sufficient sleep each month. Thankfully, there’s an intelligent solution: sleepytime gummies with high-quality CBD.

Cannabidiol (CBD) has been shown to help relieve anxiety and pain, which means you can drift off more easily and quickly, no matter how crazy your days are. In this article, we dive into what to look for when shopping for sleepytime gummies.

#1. What’s the potency?
The effectiveness of your sleepytime gummies will depend on how much CBD and THC they contain. The higher the concentration, the more powerful the effects will be.

The best way to be certain of potency is by checking the Certificate of Analysis (COA). This third-party document verifies  the amount of CBD and THC in a product, so you know exactly how much you’re getting.

CBD content
CBD is arguably the most important ingredient in CBD gummies. Be sure to look for products that list the CBD amount in milligrams per dose instead of just the CBD content of the entire bottle. This way, you know the dose per gummy and don’t have to do any guesswork when it comes to serving size. For sleepytime gummies, look for at least 25 milligrams in each dose so you can fall asleep quickly, no sheep counting necessary!

THC content
THC is the cannabis ingredient that causes a “head high.” Some people might like a bit of a buzz with their sleepytime gummies, but many don’t. You’re trying to fall asleep, after all. That’s why some CBD products will have only a small amount of THC, but if you want to avoid any potential effects, you can find gummies without any THC.
CBD derived from hemp plants will have little to no THC, making them a good choice if you want to avoid any psychoactive effects.

CBN content
CBN is short for cannabinol, a natural cannabinoid found in older cannabis plants. CBN has a mild sedative effect, which can help you get restful sleep if low doses are included in your gummies. Look for around 20 milligrams of CBN per dose.

#2. How is it grown?
Most CBD products are derived from hemp, and how that hemp is grown can have a huge impact on the quality of the final product. Hemp can be grown outdoors in all kinds of weather, but the best plants are usually grown in a controlled environment that can protect them from pests and mold.
It’s also essential that hemp farmers avoid using harmful contaminants like pesticides and heavy metals in the soil. These toxic particles can end up in your sleepytime gummies and make you sick.

#3. How does it taste?
The flavor of your gummies can have a big impact on how much you enjoy them. For the best flavor and quality, it’s smart to avoid artificial colors and ingredients. Aim for brands that use natural flavors and colors from fruits and vegetables to make their gummies taste delicious, instead.
#4. How’s the customer support?
Shopping for CBD isn’t always a straightforward process. On top of that, there’s a lot of misinformation and confusion about CBD products.
That’s why it’s so important to buy your sleepytime gummies from a brand that has excellent customer service. A good company will be happy to take the time to consult and educate you about CBD while answering any questions that come up.
Look for High-Quality Sleepytime Gummies

When shopping for the best sleepytime gummies, it’s essential to look for products that are responsibly grown, taste great, and have the right amount of CBD and CBN. CBD is a helpful way to get more restful sleep, but only if you’re taking high-quality gummies from a reputable source—like Thumb Coast CBD.

We grow our hemp onsite and are involved in the entire process of making our products, so we can ensure they’re of the highest quality. We’re always happy to offer our expertise and answer any questions you may have about our gummies or any of our other CBD products.